Things to Know When Considering Maternity and Newborn Photos

 Parents who are preparing to bring a baby into their home have a lot of things on their mind to plan for. While maternity and newborn photography may not be on the top of the list, receiving professional level photographs of this special time in life is worth looking into. Though it may not always feel like it, the pregnancy and newborn phase goes by quickly. These milestones are worth documenting, and parents will thank themselves later for getting quality pictures.

Why Take Maternity Photos?

Pregnancy is an exciting time and deserves to be documented. It is also a very brief time of life, and photographs are one of the best ways to remember that special time as you anticipated the birth of your child. Whether it’s your first child or your third, each pregnancy is different and worth remembering. While pregnant women don’t always necessary feel like being photographed, they may be grateful for the pictures later. Pregnancy photos can always be taken earlier in the pregnancy if preferred, when the mom-to-be is feeling her best. Search online for “maternity photography Dallas” early in your pregnancy to find a photographer you love.

Things to Consider When Scheduling Photography Sessions

Don’t wait too long to book a photography session. Whether you are considering a maternity photo shoot or a newborn shoot book a photographer well in advance to ensure their availability when you need them. Find out whether your photographer can be flexible when scheduling newborn photos since babies don’t often arrive when expected. Also find out whether your photographer can come to your home or a location special to you for the photoshoot.

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Most photographers provide their own photography props for newborn photo shoots like cute hats and baby blankets for the photos, but be sure to find out from your photographer in advance so you come prepared. Regardless of what your photographer offers, if you have special outfits, teddy bears, or other props you want included in the photos be sure to bring them. Bringing some changes of clothes for yourself and the baby, as well as extra diapers and wipes is also crucial since accidents happen.

Is Professional Newborn Photography Worth It?

Babies are cute and make attractive subjects for photos, but it is harder than you think to take quality photos. Hiring a professional to capture images of your newborn in the first week of life will freeze a fleeting moment of time in a beautiful way. These photos help you later to remember a time that flew by quickly, and that you were probably too tired to remember well anyway.

Additionally, professional photographs make wonderful birth announcements. Your family and friends who can’t be there in person to meet your newborn will appreciate seeing photos of him or her. Keep in mind that scheduling to take photos within the first 5-10 days of your newborn’s birth is ideal since they sleep often and make very agreeable photography subjects in those early days following birth.