The Joys of Using Your Own Computer at Work

Working on a computer is much easier if you like the computer you’re working on. I use my personal computer for all kinds of things at my home and at my office. At home, I like to play games on the computer. It’s a fantastic source of entertainment. I stay up super late at night when I can. I like to reserve my late-night gaming activities for the weekends, but I have broken that rule when a new game comes out. I get excited when they release a new game in a series I’ve been following, so I’ll sometimes play late at night, but I always get to work on time the next day.

Of course, I’ve enjoyed the satisfaction of working in an environment that allows its employees the privilege to work on our own devices. My work is a bring your own device, or BYOD, environment. This means I’m able to use my own personal computer without having to switch to some clunky old desktop to get my job done. I remember how much of a pain that was when I worked at a company doing sales in California. The computer I was using was almost as old as I was. When the boss asked why I didn’t have the sales numbers he wanted, my reason was the computer was holding me back. I don’t have that same problem at my current job.

I wouldn’t complain if my job offered to buy me a computer, but I don’t think that’s necessary. What I do at work is mostly done on web browsers, and I’ll use a word processors to create documents, so I don’t need a new system to get those tasks done. I don’t mind using my own device at work because it is my personal computer, so it comes full of my memories. I have pictures from vacations and cruises on this computer. I’ll set my background depending upon my mood, which is something you just can’t do with a public work computer.

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Using my computer for work and at home means I need to keep good care of it. I like to carry it in a tough plastic case when I’m transporting it on a bus or in the subway. I’m always afraid I’ll drop the computer when I’m carrying it, so I even go as far as to wrap it in a towel inside of the case.

Today’s technology savvy world has made commuting to work so much more enjoyable. I have my laptop to play around with on the bus, or sometimes I’ll kick back and listen to some of my favorite music. There’s simply nothing better than getting out of a tough day at work to listen to my favorite album on the way home. There have been plenty of days where I’ll listen to books on tape as well. I’ll get through an entire book in a day or two if I keep listening after work. It’s fun and educational.