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History reveals that African-American history had to pay a heavy value for growth of the New World. As the search for his successor begins and the accolades roll in, Mr. Dodson talked about turning a research library identified largely to scholars into a multifaceted cultural heart open to tourists, schoolchildren and anyone excited about black culture.\n\nIn celebration of Black History Month, the Indiana Historical Society and Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library (IMCPL) invite kids and families to find out about Indiana’s rich African-American history by taking part in the Indiana Black History Challenge.\n\nNonetheless the atrocities of the past are just that, the past and attempting to establish with lost cultures isn’t going to help us achieve the respect and prosperity that has alluded us for thus long in a country that is still hostile to those of African descent.\n\nFour victories and the son will attain his reward,” convinced the Detroit Police Department — motivated partly by the anti-Muslim hysteria fueled by media coverage of the event — to seek out Fard at the side of the murder. To further muddy the waters, C.E. Lincoln, creator of The Black Muslims in America, originally printed in 1961, recounted a legend that described Fard as the black Jamaican son of a Syrian Moslem.