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Are you feeling the itch to provide your own home a facelift on the inside? 3. Canvas – It is the most widely used surface for acrylic painting. Water and acrylic mediums are used to dilute the acrylics. Water works very well but with the passage of time, cracks are produced in the paints. Last but not the least; a large plastic palette is a must or something that is sturdy and waterproof to hold underneath the paints.\n\nCraft acrylics work nicely as cloth paint, especially with some cloth medium added, but dried acrylics do not wash out of clothing. Craft paints can actually be used to paint landscapes, portraits or any subject material in any fashion that works with the sleek texture and matte surface.\n\nWatercolors are great to use with the help of water. Go to your local Joanne’s or Michael’s stores or some other sort of craft store in your area to get the correct of water shade paper. Acrylic paints are also quite simple to use, they do not must be watered down and might last weeks or months at a time.\n\nAn example of one of the websites that was gifting away invitations at no cost was They have an excellent template for a paintball get together invitation that you could download at no cost as a PDF, and then modify with the partygoers names before printing off.