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African American Poetry is a form of literature that is mainly an expressive and colorful form of the emotions of the black and enslaved populations of America. The natural progression from African Dance in Africa to African American Dance in America is a distinct and inevitable strategy of infusion of a culture meeting another culture. Stepping is a direct product of that infusion and the movements developed are uniquely African American.\n\nIt seems that there is room for even more examine into the origins of the Nation of Islam — this at all times fascinating, generally controversial, organization that has exerted considerable influence on America’s thoughts and dialogue for more than 70 years.\n\nNonetheless, only those quilts which fit within very narrowly defined parameters, or had been created by quilters of a particular geographic region, had been acknowledged as quilting or as art, so the vast majority of African American quilters had been still largely ignored.\n\nAfter long years of subjugation and determined efforts to cancel off African cultures as it was accomplished elsewhere with other cultures (Australia and America) African traditions and cultures are still there – more so, to even to those Africans, African Individuals who had been taken from Africa and made slaves, they still are African in cultural disposition and outlook.\n\nHe was drawn to return to the United States to be able to liberate the African-Individuals from their half-slave and half-free” condition. Fard taught that approximately 6,000 years ago a black scientist named Yakub performed gene-manipulation experiments that resulted in the creation of the inferior white race.

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