Ode To Art

The art, culture and life-style of historical and medieval India is finest reveled by way of miniature paintings. His produced his most enigmatic painting, titled The Starry Evening, during his stay at a psychiatric heart in France, where he was recovering from mental problems. His other nicely-identified painting is of a bunch of sunflowers, which he painted when he moved to Arles, where he hoped to found an art colony.\n\nMonks are also usually highlighted for their contributions to early miniature painting with their fantastically illuminated manuscripts such as the Celtic Guide of Kells and England’s Lindisfarne Gospels (both of which measure around 9″ x 12″). The history of the art can be seen throughout the world in varied other cultures.\n\nThese sketches may be out of doors paintings or may be completed in the studio from a mix of out of doors sketches and/or images. Although we try to be precise with our drawing when outdoor, concessions are often made in the spirit of expediency. A more accurate method to drawing is possible in the studio when time just isn’t so important.\n\nWhen a painter starts with canvas painting, the most important downside that he faces is the amount of stress that he needs to apply, to obtain the desired coloration on the canvas. After having practiced over a period it gets less complicated to work on canvas, as it had been on the sleek papers.

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