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Restoring the Original Colour of a Car

Auto paint restoration simply means repainting a car so as to maintain its original color and sparkle. An individual deciding to recoat is determined by a number of factors. The car could be disfigured or scraped off the paint if it got into an accident. Secondly, the vehicle could be aged and thus the paint becomes dull.

Car paint restorations are done by many mechanics and dealer shops. Car owners do not have to do the job of repainting when people with the expertise are available.

The original color and look of the car can be achieved through repainting. The new paint to be applied should be similar the original color of the car. The process of car paint restoration is simple. It involves the following steps.

Getting ready to repaint a car
The process includes clearing dirt out of the area to be painted. In this case it means cleaning the car surface that you want to paint well. Cleaning ensures that dirt, grease and road grim are cleared. One also has to decide whether they want to paint only the outer surface or also with the inner details like the engine. Masking tape is applied to areas that do not need repainting in order to protect them in a case the owner is after the outer look only. At least three types of paints are needed, primer coat, finish coat and clear coat. One also need to have protective gears such as respirator. This prevents paint fumes to getting into ones respiratory system.

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Scraping off the initial car paint
This includes the procedure of scrapping the paint. One needs to clear the original paint of the car first. The car is rubbed smoothly till it gets to the bare metal it was before painting. This process consumes a lot of time. If one doesn’t have enough time,then sanding to achieve even smooth surface is done. One then completes the process by wiping the whole surface in order to clean the dust.

Getting ready to reapply paint
One needs to ensure that the areas not needing repainting are protected properly. This ensures that there is no unnecessary spraying is done. One need to master the art of spraying paint so as to do an impressive job on their vehicles. Primming is the process of merging primers with thinners in the required ratio of the paints. This is then applied on the surfaces evenly. The coating is applied two or three times.

Applying paint
This include painting using the top coat one time then repeating the process using a clear coat. The paint is given some time to dry.

Repainting a car costs less as in comparison to buying a new vehicle. It is a process that requires less effort and activities in order to be achieved.

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