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Facts Regarding Viking Jewelries

Whenever we flashback on the history of the Vikings, the only things that we remember are the big swords and long and sharp spears that were used in the wars, but we tend to forget the jewelry that they created. In this respect, they created different pieces of jewelry in the form of good-looking rings, necklaces, and bracelets and even used precious metals like gold and silver. The mixture of these two precious metals made bronze that was used to make brooches which were pieces of jewelry for women during those days. The Vikings also used the pieces of jewelry that they made for other needs other than making the community look beautiful. The article herein highlights some of the facts associated with Viking pieces of jewelry, and maybe they are still in use today.

All Vikings wore these pieces of jewelry irrespective of the gender and the social class that one was in. These jewelry were like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces that used as a form of identification in the society to maintain high levels of security. The same earrings, bracelets, and necklaces were designed in accordance with the wealth that person had in the community. Women were supposed to portray a very good image of her family, and therefore they were supposed to have some of these jewels to fasten their dresses to look good and respectable. It was simple to spot a rich person in the society to show them respects as they had unique pieces of jewelry.

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There were those pieces of jewelry that were specifically made to symbolize some of the beliefs of the society, like Thor’s hammer that stands for the community’s preparedness for war. There were other symbolic pieces of jewelry that they made to show that they were determined to face any occasion that comes their way, for example, death or wedding services. It is worrying to reveal the truth about Viking pieces of jewelry that they were found in the cemeteries. People have gone on to use this evidence to explain how those people used to live during their era which ended some hundreds of years ago.

The Vikings were unique people because they never did something that was not in their culture, that is they did not wear earrings or fingerings even though they used to meet the Slavic people who used to wear. The Viking people never believed that it was a must to have these two jewels, and for that reason they never wore them. Some people wore because it was not a restriction from the laws, but many of them did not establish it as the way of life like they did for other pieces of jewelry.

Just as they used the ornaments as identification for wealth, they used them as a form of currency. The arm and necklaces they wore were made of silver and therefore when they visited the markets, they used them to make payments for the goods and services they wanted.

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