Easy Application with Wall Designs

If you live in a home where you can’t use nails to put decorations on the walls or if you don’t want to destroy the paint on the walls with tacks and nails, then consider graphics that you can peel and stick in place. You can order these decorations online or find them at many retail stores. There are numerous designs to choose from based on the kind of room you’re decorating, such as a living room or a child’s bedroom as well as designs that can be customized with everything from initials to a special hobby or sport that you like.

Prepare The Surface

You could apply wall graphics Michigan companies sell straight from a package, but it’s best to prepare the surface by cleaning it so that there isn’t any dirt that could make the graphics peel off or have bubbles in them. If the paint is peeling, then the graphic usually won’t stay in place. A flat surface with no defects should be the starting point for any project that involves wall graphics because the designs will last longer. Use microfiber cloths to remove as much dust and dirt as possible. Walls that have been recently painted must completely dry before applying graphics so that the material will stay in place.

Finding The Focal Point

Before putting graphics just anywhere on the wall, you need to look at where the focal point is in the room. You can center graphics on one wall, putting the design above a large piece of furniture. Another option would be to put graphics over a desk or table. If the graphics are being put in a bedroom, then you could put the design over a headboard. Try to get designs as centered as possible no matter where they will go on the wall so that it looks like a professional application.

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Peeling And Sticking

Avoid peeling graphics from the backing all at one time. Once you figure out where the graphics will be placed, you need to position the paper on the wall and slowly peel away the backing as you smooth out the surface. This will help to prevent bubbles from forming and will keep the graphic from folding over on itself, making it difficult to straighten out once again.

Application Conditions

You usually don’t need to use any kind of spray or water when applying the graphics. It’s sometimes better to apply the graphics to a dry surface so that they won’t slide around on the wall. However, when the graphics are in place, you can use a moist sponge to go over the area of the wall to ensure that it’s smooth and to see that it won’t shift. Go back over the graphics with a dry cloth so that no moisture is left behind. A benefit of wall graphics is that you can easily remove them when you want a new design or if you need to clear everything from the wall before moving to a new home.