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A network device that transmits data packets from one system to another.

A login is the process by which individual gains access to a computer system by identifying and authenticating themselves.

Router is useful in finding the best path to follow when two IP-based systems are present. Though point-to-point wire connections offer an alternative, many modern communications setups require a router to best function.

Routers are advantageous in that they facilitate the sharing of web. Many internet users can be connected to the internet by the use of a router, which is one if it’s most significant uses. An IP address which is publicly unique is a requirement for one to connect to the internet successfully. As such, Internet providers typically offer only a single IP address or charge fees for large amounts of publicly routable addresses. Adding a router whose network translation is allowed may be the only solution.

A connection made up of various network architectures such as token ring and Ethernet can be created.

The the most appropriate way to support i across an internetwork is chosen from by routers. Network traffic is decreased by routers when they create collision domain. Routers minimize network traffic by creating broadcast domains.

Even though a router is relevant in securing the network environment, it is not a replacement for a firewall or computer virus.

Some people think that wireless internet connection is a little bit expensive. The economic aspect of home wireless routers is what makes many people to chose them rather than wireless AP.

Some individuals may not feel motivated to buy wireless routers since they cannot be used solely.. It is impossible to use a wireless AP alone,it cant be directly connected to ADSL (Asymmetrical digital subscriber loop) modem and also needs to be used together with other devices such as controllers, switches, and Ethernet hubs. Therefore, most people would find it very troublesome and less convenient as a wireless router.

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Wireless networks take air as transmission medium while cable networks take cables as transmission medium. Knowing that the cable network
is more durable and faster than the wireless network is not hard..

Wireless AP and wireless router face different targeted groups. The needs of an average family will be easily reached by a wireless router without straining too much because it is powerful enough to cater for such a unit. Due to the fact that wireless AP offers better ability to send and receive messages,it will prove to be the better option mostly for people who would want to use it in a business for internet access.

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