Authentic Abstract Art

Born in Rotterdam, Holland but later settling in Long Island, USA, Willem de Kooning (1904-1997) was a leading artist of the abstract expressionist college along with other artists; Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Arshile Gorky, Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. He/she must use all their wiles to have interaction us in dialog with their art, being limited, or we must always say, unlimited, with unrecognizable shapes and unrelated (to the item) shade. The artist must interest and communicate to the viewer by way of kind and shade.\n\nIn American society a creative vacuum had opened and the abstract expressionism movement arose into the mainstream, showcasing at major galleries in New York corresponding to The Art of This Century Gallery. The abstract expressionist movement spread rapidly thorough the elite art neighborhood of the United States by way of its major creative communities such including the San Francisco Bay area and California.\n\nSo after I wish to convey more, I ask “how many layers can I have?” “How many layers can I build?” “How rather more shade and texture can there be?” I build layers very like a sculptor would take away to reveal the hidden kind but with layers I add to define dimensions, texture, shape.\n\nThe abstract impressionistic fashion is an exciting and very vibrant fashion that enables the representation of life photographs or reality impressions, in some completely different simplified ways using abstract shapes, varieties and contemporary and vibrant colors.

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