5 Best Tips to Paint Wicker Furniture

Having wicker furniture is a pride on its own. But since it is an antique, you probably will start wondering how to repaint it nicely. Well, painting your antique wicker furniture will depend on how long you have owned it and its present condition. If you are planning to paint, these are the 5 best tips for you to read.
1) You will have to buy some safety gears. Buy a good mask and safety glasses, since it will allow you to safely paint, and of course, having a good time doing it. You will also have to check on the ventilation mechanism of your mask, to let you breath freely while painting.
2) Buy the best quality paint materials. There are lots of painting materials, but not all of them are compatible and good enough to use with wicker furniture. When you have decided on what kind of paint you are using, do not forget to check whether it can be combined with the old paint applied before.
3) When you start painting, paint from the bottom up. Rotate your furniture, and paint all the areas there. When everything visible has been painted, rotate it again, and paint this area. It will be better looking, and you will be able to make sure that you have painted all of the areas.
4) Let it dry first before you apply the next coating. The coating or layer needs to dry thoroughly to make sure it does not damage the next coat. Do not forget to forbid anyone from using it for a week or so, to make sure that your furniture has cured well.
5) You may use compressed sprayer if possible. These type of sprayer will ensure the best result out of your work. But it is not always applicable. When you only have a small number of furniture, you do not need to spend extra money on buying a compressor. Just use a bristle brush, or if nothing is applicable, you can use spray cans. Bear in mind that spray cans are the worst for wicker furniture. It is only to be used as a final resort.
Hopefully, with these tips, you can have a great time on painting your own furniture, and have a satisfying result. Just do not let any paint globs accumulate in the coating by using thin coats to get the best results.

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