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How to Select an Airbrush Compressor

More and more modern artists today move into airbrush painting as opposed to the conventional painting. While learning how to do the airbrush painting as a new skill, getting the right equipment can be quick a task for beginners. There are several consideration before you can take up airbrush painting. Firstly, you need to decide what type of airbrush painting to perform, then select your painting tools such as airbrush spray gun. Once your have decide what type of spray gun to use, the next consideration is the selection of an airbrush compressor.
1) Compressor capacity
The bigger the capacity of the compressor, the higher is the cost. Therefore, you do not over size the capacity when you make the purchase. Use the largest spray gun you intend to use for your airbrush painting as a yardstick, allow about 20% more than the spray gun air consumption will be suffix to do the job.
2) Noise Level
For an airbrush painting work environment, quietness s preferred. You do not want to do your painting in a noisy environment. Hence, you need to select an a compressor that has low noise level. The noise come from the running of the compressor.
3) Oil Free
Oil stain on your airbrush painting is a not desired. Therefore, the selection of your airbrush compressor must be oil free. You either select an oil free compressor normally is much costly or a normal compressor which come with oil separator. Air delivered from either of t these two types is still oil free except that you need to maintain the oil separator for the later model.
4) Moisture
Air generated by compressor is not free from moisture and it is trapped in the air receiver. A water relief valve is installed for you to either manually release the water or automatic relief. It is obvious that auto relief type is more expensive.…