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San Antonio Flea Market Shopping – Finding the Best Flea Market

San Antonio is a city of more than 1.5 million people, which means that finding the best flea market solutions cannot only be challenging but may feel downright impossible. The area provides many flea markets for those who love to out looking for the best deals that the area has to offer.

San Antonio Flea Market the Traders Village is in San Antonio and is the #1 Flea Market in America. This special, one-of-a-kind flea market provides shoppers with an experience they might otherwise never have. This is the greatest flea market in San Antonio, and we will show you how to use the market to find the best deals you can take advantage of.

The Shopping Traders Village Flea Market:

The Shopping Traders Village Flea Market opened in 2011 and spreads itself over more than 100 acres and already has more than 1,000 different dealers come to the market every single weekend. This makes the Shopping Trader’s Village an open-air trading and bartering paradise. From jewelry to furniture to comics or cards or clothing, you will find it all at our flea market.

Finding the Best Deals:

There are a variety of ways that people find the best deals at flea markets. These people are keen to find the best prices and aren’t willing to pay a cent more than they have to.

The following are the ways that some people end up saving their money at flea markets and making the most of every cent they spend:

  • dress way down to show that you are out for practical deals and don’t look like you’re on your way to a dinner party or are willing to spend way more than you must to get the item that you really want
  • take cash and say you only have so much money on you because many vendors do take cards but they will assume you have a lot more money if you are using a card rather than the cash in your pocket of which you have a limited amount
  • you will be walking quite some distance so wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind being in for several hours or the entire day while you hunt for the best deals if you are comfortable you are more likely to stick around to make the deal you really want
  • be sure to eat breakfast before you go to the flea market and be sure to bring snacks and fluids with you or you will end up spending $20 on food and drinks while you are there rather than saving that money for the great deals you wanted to find while you are there (in these cases you end up spending more than you came to bargain for)
  • if it’s possible to do so arrive at the flea market before it opens to get the best deals because they go fast and many people only have one of their exclusive items and if you miss it it will be too bad and you will have to try again next time
  • shop with those you know to help stake your claims to more than one dealer and to get the items you really want to be secured
  • bring either a bag or another item to carry your purchases in to help you get them home safely and without risk of them breaking
  • bring a notepad and pen to take notes so that you know which options are out there then shop around to find the option that best suits your needs and is the best deal for your money
  • make a list of items you are looking for and keep to that list when it comes to what you want to buy at the flea market
  • stalls in the center and back of the market usually have the best deals the ones on the outsides are the more “average” deals so go to those stalls first before others get there and the deals are gone
  • when shopping for antiques or older items knowing if they are genuine is key when in doubt skip it as you might end up spending money on items that are not even real which would mean you wasted money rather than finding a good buy
  • making quick decisions allows you to beat out others who might be after the same item
  • always ask to see if you can get the price lower if you don’t haggle you might be throwing money away that you otherwise could use to purchase other items if the dealer would let it go for cheaper
  • if you’re not getting to the price you want to learn to say no and walk away… you are never obligated to buy anything and if you want to save the money to buy something else more valuable